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Introducing Axle Tramp

Introducing 'Axle Tramp' a racing game by A Monkey Made This.

With racing games you have a few extreme archetypes- On one extreme you have the ultra-realistic that aim to represent the full spectrum of exotic dream cars to mundane little run-arounds in glorious photo-realism. The opposite extreme to this focusses on accessible fun while on a third dimension there are those simulators that aim to model every true to life physical aspect of the driving experience. Games generally tend to fit into one of these categories focussing almost exclusively on graphics, fun or realism. Of course this is no bad thing as this obviously depends on what the individual is looking for in a game.

Karting is often the first step into motorsport and for most the only form they will experience first-hand; however karting is also arguably the best form of motorsport due to the closeness of the racing. Karting games tend to reflect this very well being the type to focus on fun gameplay but lack the more advanced aspects of their more grown up and simulation based rivals. Axle Tramp will try to find a new middle ground. The cars being obviously stylised to resemble a kart chassis more than that of a real car opens up a dynamic that is not too often explored and if combined with a little more hyper-realistic simulation this could be a winner.

Aiming to launch in phase one on Facebook, Steam and Windows Store with companion apps for Android and iOS before launching on Xbox & Playstation consoles in phase two. Having the game released on the consoles is of course extremely aspirational at this point ;p

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